Evil Run Amok

Berwyn 11th-16th


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After dealing with the mayor, and receiving a nice map showing the boundaries of the various towns and cities as known in the last couple of years, the Hand of Finnely decides to go shopping. Matrom Tomb and Eglath take up Jangi Blackstream on his reward and buy some its with their 25% discount. Eglath needs more though, so he convinces Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew to haggle for him. Eglath manages not to ruin the talks, and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew manages to purchase some armor and a greataxe below cost on the condition that they go and check on some friends that have been out of communication for over a week.
Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew seemed more than willing, doing some good would do well to help the Hand of Finnely’s reputation. After gathering a few more supplies, he grabbed Eglath and waited on [[:blair to finish studying the rituals he was learning.

Blair Blaelocke spent most of the day with Emeranth and Mariana Sayer being watched over suspiciously as the eladrin couple didn’t seem to trust a tiefling alone in their library. They seemed to check over each book s he finished checking for scorch marks or bent pages. Finally Blair Blaelocke chose a ritual or two that may help them out in various situations, and the next morning they set off in search of the associates who have lost touch with the dwarves who made their magic items.

They sped through River Oaks territory since the maps were sufficiently detailed for that area, but once outside of River Oaks they decided to explore the lands more thoroughly as requested by the Iron Legion. Besides with Blair Blaelocke‘s Traverler’s Chant they almost didn’t have to slow down, to explore the area. They rode through hills and forests, finding some tracks for kobolds, but not finding any lairs. The tracks lead off to the south, so maybe they would venture back that way after dealing with missing dwarves. Also in some hilly terrain there was evidence of an old refinery being excavated, but the Hand of Finnely decided to bypass that for now since the dwarves they are looking for should still be two days away, and who knows what could have happened to them by then.

The 15th, Lacitern’s full moon, is spent in a down pour of thunder and lightning, almost no exploration done and concerns of possibly catching some sort of illness since there were no tents to protect from bad weather. They spent some of that day looking for a barn to sleep in, and managed to find a residence that was willing to shelter our heroes. The next morning the rain cleared and they continued their journey.

Upon reaching the site in question, they discovered a large gathering of kobolds. Blair Blaelocke immediately began demanding obedience in the name of the forest dragon. Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew needing to translate since Eglath could not speak draconic. There was a fence barrier separating the kobolds from the party, but Blair Blaelocke’s speech delayed the kobolds from launching javelins at them, and Eglath tore the fence from its foundations when they reached the perimeter.

With a large section of the fence removed Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew began the offensive against the the little reptilian humanoids. Despite their numbers, the party was able to cleave through them fairly efficiently, but several kobolds were able to sling special ammunition at the party setting them on fire and making them stink. Blair Blaelocke convinced one to surrender near the end of the fight. After resting they interrogated the remaining kobold and discovered that they were in league with a dragon and either duerger or azers, they couldn’t determine which from the frantic kobolds tale as it hurried to spill its guts of everything it knew. The kobold indicated that the dwarves that were present retreated deeper into the mines ahead of the bigger dwarves with fiery beards.

They decided to go more slowly down into the mine and see what they could find. In a room with tapestries and a dwarven statue, they discovered some kobolds in waiting in ambush. To their surprise, these kobolds put up significant resistance and even had a fire breathing shaman with them. Matrom Tomb needed to climb upon the statue to get in any effective attacks and Eglath kept getting pinned down and unable to reach the front lines. Eventually the goliath’s temper reached the boiling point as he began to swipe through the kobolds with vigor and quickly thereafter the tide turned and the kobolds were either dieing or retreating.

They decided to chase after the kobold into unknown darkness instead of taking the time to catch their breath and recuperate. Their only kobolds after all, so they should be fine. I guess we will find out next time.

Enter Eglath, Berwyn 7th-11th


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Blair Blaelocke & Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew returned for Matrom Tomb expecting the temple to be too much for the two of them. Besides the chanting hasn’t stopped for several minutes, they should have time to run outside and grab their companion. Outside was one of the largest people they had seen. Eglath, a goliath in hide armor and wielding a great axe, he was explaining he was going to sell their horses. After a brief parley, they agreed to give him some scale armor in exchange for standing on the front line. Eglath agreed and wanted to clarify who made him feel better and who did the magic like the gnome. He also explained if a blue dragon ate the rest of the party, he would run just like he did with his previous companions. Everyone agreed with this plan.

Eglath donned the ill fitting scale armor and they proceeded back into the cave were the temple to Dae’Urn is located. They were debating their strategy when the chanting stopped and the screaming began. They started across the rope bridge that crossed the fungal cavern. about half way over temple began to glow and some of the flying blue “demons” appeared along with a stone construct that tore itself free of the wall. This must of alerted the cultists within as one came out and demanded that they leave or be destroyed by the power of Dae’Urn.

Eglath moved forward and charged the cultist and immediately slew the evil doer. Eglath called out, ’that’s one’ and to Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew’s chagrin realized that the goliath definitely intended to keep track of those he killed. Will this be a good thing, or a bad thing, only time will tell.

Four cultists exited the temple before those remaining inside closed the door. The flying blue demons hovered over the pits, while the spiky stone construct began pounding into the goliath. The cultists were picked off one by one with relative ease. After the construct was destroyed, Eglath chose to attack the ‘demons’ hovering above the pit, and jumped to strike one. He managed to slice it in half but fall into the mushroom filled pit. The extremely large mushrooms did break his fall somewhat, but he was not expecting to see the myconoids. They surouned him and took an aggressive stance but did not attack. After Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew lowered a rope Eglath slowly retreated and climbed back to the upper ridge.

After killing the last ‘demon’, they entered the temple proper. A smoke trap went off, causing some mild discomfort to the party. Eglath forced his way in, grabbed a halfling being tortured and backed out of the room. They proceeded to kill the cultists as quickly as they could, but they ran into trouble with some of the halflings that were not so lucky to be saved. Their heads had been removed and replaced with hyena skulls. This gave Morgana and opportunity to escape. She ran up the stairs carrying a glowing blue geode.

The heroes finished off the devil / undead halflings and proceeded to chase the halfling. The first room they came too had a pile of coins spread on the floor, and this caused everyone to have discomfort. There were also two exits that the high priestess could have taken her egress. [[;blair]]’s curiosity required him to check out the pile of coins, and cautiously, prepared for an attack his sifted through the coins and searched the alcove they were scattered in. Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew searched the door to the left and found a small garden of herbs and plants that could be used in alchemical formulas. Eglath entered a room filled with small size furniture. Disgruntled by being in a dolls room, he almost missed the sounds that indicated what happened to Morgana.

Obviously she managed to hide behind a secret door, Eglath began attacking the wall where he thought he heard noises on the other side. The rest of the party tried to determine where the door was before Eglath destroyed his axe against the stone wall, but luck would have it, he began tearing into wood and soon had destroyed the hidden door. They rushed on attempting to catch up to the little priestess. Unfortunately she had taken a ride down a mine cart, giving here a great head start.

Once they got to the bottom of the mine track and discovered he sled she used to escape, they redoubled their efforts to find her, and after running through some winding passages they managed to find an exit and see her just at the edge of their vision. One well placed projectile and down she went. Immediately the goliath and the half-elf began debating whether the goliath got full credit for a kill if he was healed during the fight and if there was assistance in slaying the enemy.

They gathered the equipment, the one surviving halfling and released a human prisoner that fled into the night refusing to remain there any longer. They slept the rest of the night, and in the morning they returned to the farm were Zapp’tamm was collected and the farmers where wished well. Matrom Tomb & Blair Blaelocke explained to the goliath that they are the Hand of Finnely and not to bother with who Finelly is since as the newest member of the party he doesn’t have that privilege yet. They then returned to the Blackstream community where they returned the halfling. Jangi was sad to hear about his other cousins, but has so far honored his commitment. He has agreed to cover 25% of the cost on 2 common magic items that their local druid can create (5th level).

They then returned to River Oaks to turn in the bounty on the halfling bandits, and sell their nice pile of loot. They gathered a decent some of money and are now in a decent sized town and able to take advantage of such funds. It is the morning of the 11th, and they are in a meeting with the mayor, Quinn Nanith, they have just collected 150 gp for the 3 brothers that they brought to justice.

Berwyn, 7th, evening

The Hand of Finnely discussed some of the finer points of possibily gathering some kobolds and have them serve as minions in their inevitable armies, and were discussing the merits of having the kobolds serve the mythical forest dragon. But there was concern for the abducted halflings and any kobold roundup would need to wait.

Zapp’tamm chose to remain with the homestead in case the kobolds returned before the family could benefit from all the healing provided by Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew. So the rest of the Hand continued onward seeking the temple of Dae’Urn. After a couple of trails were followed to dead ends and since it already getting dark, being the only one present with out low-light vision, Matrom Tomb chose to remain with the horses while Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew went exploring caves.

Luck would have it that the first cave they explored alone had the little blue devils that were described in the abductions of the halfling family. From behind arrow slits the little blue creatures struck at their minds and caused great confusion, but even through their minds felt like they were filled with a honey like substance that bled from their nose, they were able to convince the one armed gnoll to allow them entrance. The other enemies however turned out to be constructs that continued to fight.

Of great concern was the animated crossbow, as it hopped up and down on it’s four legs it blasted into Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew forcing them to call upon their inner reserves to withstand the crossbows devastation. Luckily due to everyone being crowded into a small hallway the crossbow struck the gnoll who in a fit of anger finished it off. As the gnoll tried to seek his superiors so the flying blue constructs could be commanded to stand down, the party decided to strike. The gnoll was severally confused but charged Blair Blaelocke. The fight was intense but they brought down the gnoll.

Before heading back to retrieve Matrom Tomb they chose to search the area. They found that the gnoll had a passion for collecting hands and severed arms, several weapons had been tied to these arms which had been mounted along the hallway. Blair Blaelocke discovered that one of the swords was in fact magical. However, Blair Blaelocke was unable to identify the properties of the sword. Regardless he has chosen to use the weapon. They could hear chanting devoted to Dae’Urn from across a small chasm. Since tonight the goddess Ariel was a full moon, it made sense that followers of Dae’Urn may take this time to sacrifice someone good in order to tarnish her brightness.

The chasm is approximately thirty to forty feet deep covered in a large mushroom patch, some as high as ten feet, and extending across the chasm was a fifty foot rope bridge. As they listened to the chanting coming from the other side, they pondered their actions. Did they have time to get Matrom Tomb, could they handle this as a pair, what if they tried and had to run away, could they get across the rope bridge quickly and cut it down to trap them. These things will be decided next time.

Berwyn, 7th, mid-day

Upon the morning The Hand of Finnely awoke and began their day. With their new horses rested they mounted up. Blair Blaelocke cast his traveler’s chant ritual and they began to ride towards the the old temple of Dae’Urn looking for the landmarks that should indicate they were close. Zapp’tamm was concerned that they would arrive at the destination at night and once again he would be at a disadvantage in the dim light provided provided by the moons.
Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew being able to see fine at night were unconcerned with such worries. The landscape blurred before them as the traveler’s chant whisked them to their destination. Zapp’tamm noticed smoke in the distance, it appeared that something within the forest was on fire. They came upon a small homestead being accosted by kobolds, one of the dwellings almost burned to the ground. They dismounted, and attempted to approach the kobolds by stealth. Blair Blaelocke was not so successful, but overheard the kobolds discussing the fact that he was demonic in nature and maybe someone to fear since he seemed to be confidently approaching a larger force.

Kobolds have thoughts too:

Today is a good day. Plenty of sow to go around, and looks like plenty to offer to the blessed fire. If only Ekrike would allow us to burn this second dwelling.
It still amazes me these humans dwell in such amazing abodes, just ripe and waiting for our blessed fire. Tookak will be pleased with the offering we have already given.
What is that, looks like one of the demon spawn children.
“Ekrike, a demon spawn comes, should we fear it or kill it?”
The horned humanoid yells forth something about the first dragon, maybe Tiamat. The fool can not seriously think we would believe he is a child of the greatest goddess.
Ekrike is conversing with him, speaking always gets him in trouble. Oh, he said forest dragon, not first.
“hey Gooshan, which dragon do you think he serves? I hope it’s Cassak, he breathes fire.”
“I know he lives somewhere way over the hills, but he could beat that stubborn iron dragon any day of the week.”
“What was that about our slaves? They are meant for the blessed fire. You two prepare this building for purification. If Ekrike believes this forest dragon would be opposed to a little blessed purification, then this forest dragon isn’t what the Fireclaw tribe need.”
Fire erupts around every where.
“Ah, the blessed fire, it cleanses all.”
But it isn’t blessed, its been delivered by a human, its a trap, and there is another, a warrior charging us. These humans will regret assaulting the Fireclaws, after we offer them to the blessing, we will hunt down their forest dragon steal his horde and burn him. Damn, missed the flame wielding human. He has such control of the blessed, it is almost a shame to kill him.
“Kor Rok that one over there is more dangerous, he is like Tookak and brings forth the fire from thin air. I care not if this one is a giant and has a sword as large as a dragon’s claw, it is blasphemy that the human manipulates the fire”
“Shut up Kor, I can hit him, just because I am talking doesn’t mean I am distracted. He is taking cover behind the swines enclosure and it means I have to lob the pots high if I wish to hit him. I care not that you have burned your foe multiple times, he still stands yes, so you are just as incompetent.”
Oh no, Kor just died, hmm we may not survive, the demon spawn and his minions are more dangerous than anticipated. Luckily Ekrike has ordered a retreat so he can be blamed. I should have saved some of my own fire for this dwelling. Maybe we can return tonight."

Needless to say The Hand of Finnely was victorious and drove the surviving kobolds away. There were several people within the dwelling, some burned, some near death from fighting the kobolds, but since they apparently wanted slaves no one was killed. The people explained that they sometimes were harrassed by the kobolds, and maybe had a pig stolen or two, but this was the first time they were attacked in mass by the Fireclaw Clan. Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew and Blair Blaelocke tended to the wounded, while Zapp’tamm put out the burning building and the small fires caused by the kobold that kept missing him. They gathered the kobold’s corpses and looted their remains.

More to come, …

Berwyn 6th, night

Blair Blaelocke and Matrom Tomb grabbed the two remaining horses and headed towards the mineshaft to see if the injured horses had returned there. They left Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew behind to handle the dead. Along the way back to mineshaft they ran across a human tending to one of the injured horses. Blair Blaelocke pretended to be a new member of the Grey brother’s gang. The newcomer threatened to kill the party if they were associated with the Greys. After several tense moments the people decided to work together. Blair Blaelocke introduced themselves as The Hand of Finnely.

They decided to let Matrom Tomb sneak forward while Blair Blaelocke and Zapp’tamm stood back behind cover. A halfling began following Matrom Tomb. Because Blair Blaelocke has superior night vision he was able to spot the halfling. Using the magical light from Zapp’tamm, Blair Blaelocke shot an illuminated arrow at the halfling. With exposure the halflings and party began fighting. There were 2 halflings and 2 semi trained stirges. The Hand of Finnely managed to defeat the remaining bandits with little trouble.

They searched the mine thoroughly and found a variety of mundane supplies. They remembered that the last brother was scheduled to return within the hour. They decided to hide and await the arrival the halfling. When the last of the bandits arrived a man with his axe bellowed asking were everyone was. With the blood on the stairs and slain stirges, their wolf was anxious. There was an intense fight between the last of the bandits and the heroes. The Hand of Finnely managed to win the night. They discovered their first magic item but it did not seem to suit anyone.

After interrogating the halfling, they were able to determine which of the halflings were his brothers. They briefly considered allowing the halfling to live if he worked for them, but they were afraid the halfling may betray them. After learning a small amount about the halfling Morgana they executed the last halfling. They spent the night at the mineshaft and intend to search for the temple of Dae’Urn in the morning.

Berwyn, 3rd~6th

After piling the dead in the back room, the party got a restful nights sleep. The next morning the adventurers released their prisoner and continued on their journey seeking civilization. They finally encountered some villages that were not abandoned. It appears the closer they get to River Oaks the more secure people felt. They also discovered that most of the bandits they would encounter would be conscripted from the local villages. From some information gathered it appears the yellow skull bandits tend to operate up north instead of down south.

They made it to River Oaks just after nightfall and were locked out by the town gates. They stayed in a small makeshift inn that catered to those that come in late. Their sleep was interrupted as they maintained separate watches in the small hovel.

Once the gates opened In the morning they made arrangements to meet with the mayor and the Hemglar clan trading company. The meeting with the mayor went well, as they discussed the possibilities of trade with Landfall, and discussed the complications of the banditry in the area. Matrom tried to work some deals with the local dwarven community, but with no real results. The party decided to take up a couple of local bounties and see if they could make a reputation for themselves.

They spent most of the afternoon and evening looking into the brothers Gray, a small bandit group beginning to make a name for itself. Blair felt that he got accurate directions to their last known hide out, which is an abandoned mineshaft about a days travel outside the River Oaks normal patrols. They also checked on some abductions hoping the bandits were behind that so they could kill two birds with one stone.

As they settled into their inn for the night, they received a letter from Kondan Hemglar explaining what kind of trade he was interested in, and provided a list of merchants that may be better for the transactions they had discussed with his subordinates earlier during the day.

They got a decent nights sleep in the one private room they rented and left in the morning to seek fame and fortune. Traveling at a fast pace they came upon the Blackstream community were the abductions took place. There the local leader, named Jangi explained his family members were recently taken by a couple of small blue devils and a one armed gnoll. The gnoll had a symbol for Dae’Urn and may be associated with a cousin who several months ago declared her allegiance to the dark god and swore vengeance upon the Blackstream family.

Jangi provided some vague directions to where he believes the gnoll and his cousin may held up, but since the directions weren’t as precise as the directions to the Gray brothers they decide to tackle the brothers first, then continue south to deal with the cultists. They travelled directly to the hide out of the Gray brothers were they flushed out several if not all the bandits at the mineshaft. After leading the bandits on a wild goose chase, they defeated several human lackeys and a couple of halfling slingers. They acquired a couple of mounts and plan to recover anything left behind at the mineshaft.

Berwyn 2, Start of Spring

The characters arrived at Landfall on the first day of spring. They discovered the small community was run by a member of the Iron Legion named Aeric Rethgar. They introduced themselves and explained that they were chartered to explore the area and determine if there were any locals that would be willing allies. Aeric explained that there has been nothing but bandits and bullywugs combing the countryside, but if they wanted they could head in the direction of some towns that used to exist. If trade could be established Landfall would have a chance of success.

The characters set off south along the coast, they found some abandoned villages. Some were destroyed by weather and tides, others seemed to just be abandoned ghost towns. Thanks to the various full moons, the half-elf and tiefling were able to follow some tracks at night that lead to a small hovel were some bandits were held up. After a small skirmish the bandits were defeated and one taken capture. After a bit of intimidation the prisoner passed out.

more to come …


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