Evil Run Amok

Berwyn 11th-16th


Common Magic Items




New Rules




After dealing with the mayor, and receiving a nice map showing the boundaries of the various towns and cities as known in the last couple of years, the Hand of Finnely decides to go shopping. Matrom Tomb and Eglath take up Jangi Blackstream on his reward and buy some its with their 25% discount. Eglath needs more though, so he convinces Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew to haggle for him. Eglath manages not to ruin the talks, and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew manages to purchase some armor and a greataxe below cost on the condition that they go and check on some friends that have been out of communication for over a week.
Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew seemed more than willing, doing some good would do well to help the Hand of Finnely’s reputation. After gathering a few more supplies, he grabbed Eglath and waited on [[:blair to finish studying the rituals he was learning.

Blair Blaelocke spent most of the day with Emeranth and Mariana Sayer being watched over suspiciously as the eladrin couple didn’t seem to trust a tiefling alone in their library. They seemed to check over each book s he finished checking for scorch marks or bent pages. Finally Blair Blaelocke chose a ritual or two that may help them out in various situations, and the next morning they set off in search of the associates who have lost touch with the dwarves who made their magic items.

They sped through River Oaks territory since the maps were sufficiently detailed for that area, but once outside of River Oaks they decided to explore the lands more thoroughly as requested by the Iron Legion. Besides with Blair Blaelocke‘s Traverler’s Chant they almost didn’t have to slow down, to explore the area. They rode through hills and forests, finding some tracks for kobolds, but not finding any lairs. The tracks lead off to the south, so maybe they would venture back that way after dealing with missing dwarves. Also in some hilly terrain there was evidence of an old refinery being excavated, but the Hand of Finnely decided to bypass that for now since the dwarves they are looking for should still be two days away, and who knows what could have happened to them by then.

The 15th, Lacitern’s full moon, is spent in a down pour of thunder and lightning, almost no exploration done and concerns of possibly catching some sort of illness since there were no tents to protect from bad weather. They spent some of that day looking for a barn to sleep in, and managed to find a residence that was willing to shelter our heroes. The next morning the rain cleared and they continued their journey.

Upon reaching the site in question, they discovered a large gathering of kobolds. Blair Blaelocke immediately began demanding obedience in the name of the forest dragon. Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew needing to translate since Eglath could not speak draconic. There was a fence barrier separating the kobolds from the party, but Blair Blaelocke’s speech delayed the kobolds from launching javelins at them, and Eglath tore the fence from its foundations when they reached the perimeter.

With a large section of the fence removed Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew began the offensive against the the little reptilian humanoids. Despite their numbers, the party was able to cleave through them fairly efficiently, but several kobolds were able to sling special ammunition at the party setting them on fire and making them stink. Blair Blaelocke convinced one to surrender near the end of the fight. After resting they interrogated the remaining kobold and discovered that they were in league with a dragon and either duerger or azers, they couldn’t determine which from the frantic kobolds tale as it hurried to spill its guts of everything it knew. The kobold indicated that the dwarves that were present retreated deeper into the mines ahead of the bigger dwarves with fiery beards.

They decided to go more slowly down into the mine and see what they could find. In a room with tapestries and a dwarven statue, they discovered some kobolds in waiting in ambush. To their surprise, these kobolds put up significant resistance and even had a fire breathing shaman with them. Matrom Tomb needed to climb upon the statue to get in any effective attacks and Eglath kept getting pinned down and unable to reach the front lines. Eventually the goliath’s temper reached the boiling point as he began to swipe through the kobolds with vigor and quickly thereafter the tide turned and the kobolds were either dieing or retreating.

They decided to chase after the kobold into unknown darkness instead of taking the time to catch their breath and recuperate. Their only kobolds after all, so they should be fine. I guess we will find out next time.



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