Evil Run Amok

Berwyn 6th, night

Blair Blaelocke and Matrom Tomb grabbed the two remaining horses and headed towards the mineshaft to see if the injured horses had returned there. They left Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew behind to handle the dead. Along the way back to mineshaft they ran across a human tending to one of the injured horses. Blair Blaelocke pretended to be a new member of the Grey brother’s gang. The newcomer threatened to kill the party if they were associated with the Greys. After several tense moments the people decided to work together. Blair Blaelocke introduced themselves as The Hand of Finnely.

They decided to let Matrom Tomb sneak forward while Blair Blaelocke and Zapp’tamm stood back behind cover. A halfling began following Matrom Tomb. Because Blair Blaelocke has superior night vision he was able to spot the halfling. Using the magical light from Zapp’tamm, Blair Blaelocke shot an illuminated arrow at the halfling. With exposure the halflings and party began fighting. There were 2 halflings and 2 semi trained stirges. The Hand of Finnely managed to defeat the remaining bandits with little trouble.

They searched the mine thoroughly and found a variety of mundane supplies. They remembered that the last brother was scheduled to return within the hour. They decided to hide and await the arrival the halfling. When the last of the bandits arrived a man with his axe bellowed asking were everyone was. With the blood on the stairs and slain stirges, their wolf was anxious. There was an intense fight between the last of the bandits and the heroes. The Hand of Finnely managed to win the night. They discovered their first magic item but it did not seem to suit anyone.

After interrogating the halfling, they were able to determine which of the halflings were his brothers. They briefly considered allowing the halfling to live if he worked for them, but they were afraid the halfling may betray them. After learning a small amount about the halfling Morgana they executed the last halfling. They spent the night at the mineshaft and intend to search for the temple of Dae’Urn in the morning.


The Hand of Finnely has claimed a mine and shall spread its horrific tendrils in all directions until it has swallowed the horizon. The House of Blaelocke will once again inspire fear and allegiance.

Berwyn 6th, night

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