Evil Run Amok

Berwyn, 7th, mid-day

Upon the morning The Hand of Finnely awoke and began their day. With their new horses rested they mounted up. Blair Blaelocke cast his traveler’s chant ritual and they began to ride towards the the old temple of Dae’Urn looking for the landmarks that should indicate they were close. Zapp’tamm was concerned that they would arrive at the destination at night and once again he would be at a disadvantage in the dim light provided provided by the moons.
Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew being able to see fine at night were unconcerned with such worries. The landscape blurred before them as the traveler’s chant whisked them to their destination. Zapp’tamm noticed smoke in the distance, it appeared that something within the forest was on fire. They came upon a small homestead being accosted by kobolds, one of the dwellings almost burned to the ground. They dismounted, and attempted to approach the kobolds by stealth. Blair Blaelocke was not so successful, but overheard the kobolds discussing the fact that he was demonic in nature and maybe someone to fear since he seemed to be confidently approaching a larger force.

Kobolds have thoughts too:

Today is a good day. Plenty of sow to go around, and looks like plenty to offer to the blessed fire. If only Ekrike would allow us to burn this second dwelling.
It still amazes me these humans dwell in such amazing abodes, just ripe and waiting for our blessed fire. Tookak will be pleased with the offering we have already given.
What is that, looks like one of the demon spawn children.
“Ekrike, a demon spawn comes, should we fear it or kill it?”
The horned humanoid yells forth something about the first dragon, maybe Tiamat. The fool can not seriously think we would believe he is a child of the greatest goddess.
Ekrike is conversing with him, speaking always gets him in trouble. Oh, he said forest dragon, not first.
“hey Gooshan, which dragon do you think he serves? I hope it’s Cassak, he breathes fire.”
“I know he lives somewhere way over the hills, but he could beat that stubborn iron dragon any day of the week.”
“What was that about our slaves? They are meant for the blessed fire. You two prepare this building for purification. If Ekrike believes this forest dragon would be opposed to a little blessed purification, then this forest dragon isn’t what the Fireclaw tribe need.”
Fire erupts around every where.
“Ah, the blessed fire, it cleanses all.”
But it isn’t blessed, its been delivered by a human, its a trap, and there is another, a warrior charging us. These humans will regret assaulting the Fireclaws, after we offer them to the blessing, we will hunt down their forest dragon steal his horde and burn him. Damn, missed the flame wielding human. He has such control of the blessed, it is almost a shame to kill him.
“Kor Rok that one over there is more dangerous, he is like Tookak and brings forth the fire from thin air. I care not if this one is a giant and has a sword as large as a dragon’s claw, it is blasphemy that the human manipulates the fire”
“Shut up Kor, I can hit him, just because I am talking doesn’t mean I am distracted. He is taking cover behind the swines enclosure and it means I have to lob the pots high if I wish to hit him. I care not that you have burned your foe multiple times, he still stands yes, so you are just as incompetent.”
Oh no, Kor just died, hmm we may not survive, the demon spawn and his minions are more dangerous than anticipated. Luckily Ekrike has ordered a retreat so he can be blamed. I should have saved some of my own fire for this dwelling. Maybe we can return tonight."

Needless to say The Hand of Finnely was victorious and drove the surviving kobolds away. There were several people within the dwelling, some burned, some near death from fighting the kobolds, but since they apparently wanted slaves no one was killed. The people explained that they sometimes were harrassed by the kobolds, and maybe had a pig stolen or two, but this was the first time they were attacked in mass by the Fireclaw Clan. Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew and Blair Blaelocke tended to the wounded, while Zapp’tamm put out the burning building and the small fires caused by the kobold that kept missing him. They gathered the kobold’s corpses and looted their remains.

More to come, …


Where there are kobolds, there is a horde of the little buggres nearby. Good scouts easy to entrall through fear. They will will serve as a fine beginning of our forces, numerous and expendable, perfect infantry.

Berwyn, 7th, mid-day

Well killing several does not bode well for future diplomacy, however, the possibility could exist, I am just unsure if this is something to fear, or the first thing you’ve commented on that I might encourage.

Berwyn, 7th, mid-day

Maybe in future “negotiations,” one of the Great Finnley’s titles can be the Dragon of the Woods.

Berwyn, 7th, mid-day

I would think killing kobolds is just the way one encourages the horde to side with you. I doubt their dragon lord entices them with doggie treats. We shall slaughter them to the point of utter loyalty. Maybe teach them to my rhythm section.

Berwyn, 7th, mid-day

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