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Archer was a traveler, exploring the wonders of the world and now watches over those who travel. His followers vehemently oppose the actions of Kavarian. However his following is small compared to the other gods of good. Archer is given a moment or two before any large battle. Archer’s priest tend to dress in clothing dyed shades of blue.
Archer’s lesser aspects are Lupo, and Maxlim.

  • Lupo is a relatively hairy man. Archer became acquainted with Lupo in his travels through the great southern desert. Lupo had a large harem and each of his wives were performers in a traveling acrobatic act.
  • Maxlim later joined the act as a strong man. His true talents however were in money handling. Through his actions the three could retire if they so choose. As history would have it, Archer continued to quest and help those who needed it.
    Archer brought with him his companions when he ascended. Lupo’s wives have eternal youth and beauty. Many who are uncomfortable with the openness of Kandii pray to Lupo for similar guidance. Any merchant would do wise to pay homage to Maxlim if they want there venture to succeed.


Ariel is considered the mother goddess. She is the peace and tranquility. People pray to her at all times for happiness and well being. She is the matron goddess for the pregnant. It is believed that she and Silv’ight are married and that their love is love in it’s truest form. Together Ariel and Silv’ight embody all that is good.
Ariel believes in peace and harmony, and that with time and reason all things can be worked out. She is generally opposed to violence.

  • Aliene was her most valued follower, and helped form the Iron Legion, found Gondor and married Daggorlad, high priest of Realm. After Daggorlad’s passing, Aliene devoted her time to protecting the other priestess of Ariel. She founded a holy order of paladins who sole purpose was to prevent harm to the followers of Ariel. Ariel granted ascension to Aliene so that she could continue to protect over her charges.
  • Elishar follows Ariel in every aspect except when it comes to the abomination that is the undead. Their twisting of life and purity has terrorized civilization for eons. There is no reasoning with the undead, they must be destroyed, for the sake of all life.
  • Hiatea is a gentle giant, that negotiated a truce between her clan and those of the civilized regions near the great desert. Hiatea is the matron goddess of female giants.


Called the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor. Lawful good paladins often revere him, and metallic dragons worship him as the first of their kind. Monarchs are crowned in his name. Bahamut is often depicted in tales and legends as a great platinum dragon whose scales shine with divine power and whose gaze is said to pierce any veil of evil or trickery. He commands his followers thus:
✦ Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice.
✦ Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts.
✦ Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order.
Many people believe Bahamut was a god from the old world, and that he only announced his survival. Whether he was a god, or just a mere juggernaut of a dragon, Bahamut is a force to be reckoned with. As righteous as Bahamut is, he can’t help but enjoy a laugh.

  • Asterinian as fleet of foot as she is quick witted impressed Bahamut to such great length, that he ensured she Ascended with him when he claimed his godness.


The son of Kibaen and Kandii, he is the strongest of the gods. He is prone to drunkenness, but never backs down from the good fight. He believes in spirited competition and his followers often participate in games of a physical nature then drink the night away.

  • Dangrin believes in spirited competition and his followers often participate in games of a physical nature then drink the night away. Those who duel, whether the friendly kind, such as jousting, or the deadly kind that only the opponents death can appease someones honor, often will pay homage to Dangrin first before committing to the challenge.


He is a womanizing dilettante that has an amazing knack for magic. He constantly creates new rituals and magical items and devices and haphazardly leaves them scattered across the known world. He requires that his followers partake of the sacrament of Mercury, a small salty wafer that must be taken once a day. He allows his priests to make these for free. Any arcane user would do well to pay homage to Mercury.

  • Batriel is one of Mercury’s ten immortal wives. She is the only one that seems to support him in anyway. Some believe that she will seek revenge for Mercury’s unseemly behavior at some appointed time in the future when Mercury is unaware. Her methodical nature has lead many people who plan on the long term to pray to her for guidance.


The overlord of the elven pantheon. From the feywild, Ober’est sits at his throne within his massive citadel, in a glorious eladrin city, observing the multi-verse through his crystal ball. He is rumored to know nearly as much as Death and to have helped in writing it’s book on what has happened and what will happen. Each elven city has a gate to the feywild city in Ober’est resides, all it takes is a single cleric to channel positive energy to activate the gate. Ober’est chooses his elven and eladrin paladins from birth, they are raised in his city and trained personally by him until they are of age to travel on their own.

  • Galdreal represents the classic elven ranger, he patrols the forest of the world making sure nature is in balance, if he finds something unnatural he will often guide the local elven community to the issue so it could be handled quickly. If the elves discover the issue first they will often pray to Galdreal for guidance.
  • Relieshales watches over the rivers of the world, and despises those who despoil them. Often men and other humanoids prone to “civilization” cause their river to become contaminated and unable to support life. Relieshales has caused various flooding in these areas, but usually allows the rivers own spoilage to take revenge on it’s citizens. Relieshales has taught the elves to live in harmony with their rivers so such contamination would not exist.
  • Savron is the elven god of magic. He is why the eladrin and elves are thought of as a magical race, how there cities always seem to be hidden, and their homes are protected by magic beasts. He has shown them how to work magic stone into beautiful yet string structures to support the elven people, and how to grow trees in such a way as to not to have to harvest them to make a home.
  • Deep Sashelas god of the aquatic elves.


The followers of Silv’ight strive to live to the highest ideals of chivalry and honor. Some believe he is a follower of peace, but when he must, he smites with a determination and drive that overwhelms his opponents. He wields a spiked chain whose length changes at his need.
It is believed by most that Silv’ight and Ariel are a married couple. Some zealots believe this to be heresy and think both gods are too pure to give into to such desires.


He just wanted to free his people from the oppression that was Lolth. He organized a resistance in the drow capital and while Lolth’s avatar was enjoying some sacrifices, Dalamar challenged her and defeated her before the combined clergy of the city. When he ascended many followed him since they saw him as the new power. Since he does not have ambitions of conquering the surface world, many drow returned to worship their dark goddess, but the drider have become ever loyal to Dalamar and hope to one day be free of their curse. He called for unity of all the underdark races. Many would not join forces with his drow fearing it a trap, or believe the drow to powerful to easily manipulate. However to large faction of Derro and Duergar joined with Dalamar during his trials.

  • Dirinka sought an alliance with Dalamar to help against the advances of Lolth and her horde of priestesses. Dirinka brought many Derro to the fights against the drow, and they remain loyal to Dalamar still.
  • Laduguer was the duergar king, and demanded immortality for his alliance. When Dalamar ascended he kept his promise. Now Laduguer rules his clan knowing his line will never end; he can always have more children.


The name of the god of death is long forgotten. The Grim Reaper is the spinner of fate and marks the end of each mortal life. Mourners call upon death during funeral rites, in the hope that they will be guarded from the curse of undeath. Followers are expected to abide by these commandments:
✦ Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life.
✦ Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of Death, you must punish hubris where you find it.
✦ Watch for the those who would seek to extend their life through undeath and return those to which they seek to escape.
Death has always been here, death will always be here. The only force to truly survive the breaking, death continues with his duty and guides souls into the after life. Death seldom takes a direct hand in the affairs of mortals or even the gods. Only when other beings attempt to circumvent death or bring death on cataclysmic scales does Death show his guiding hand. Some consider him evil, others consider her benevolent. Even gods can be confused by Deaths actions. Its is known that Mercury was slain by Death but no one knows why. Kibaen brought Mercury back to life, but not before his death cause massive chaos.


Many who wish to keep things hidden pray to Farathon. Perhaps ironically, the very people who seek to discover what is hidden also pray to Farathon. Farathon is seen by most, as a god of wrong, not quite evil, but still wrong. However, the clever people know that this god gives insight into solving the mysteries and that knowledge goes a long way to preserving society.

  • Salice was a very clever rogue that through manipulation and subterfuge managed to run a large size city without anyone knowing her name. She pretended to be a high society courtesan, but met with her high ranking officials behind masks. Even they only knew she was female. Farathon became enamored with her and offered her a seat at his side.
  • Moragin is one of the mages who helped found the Tower of Mercury. His studies lead to the discovery of shadow magic, part illusion, part real substance. When Mercury chose to side with the Iron Legion, Moragin decided to stand aside and found his own study of magic. Mercury feeling spurned by this desertion abandoned Moragin and did not support his new studies. Moragin turned to Farathon at this time and was eventually welcomes into his fold.
  • Fak’nul was a sage and a detective, he solved various arcane puzzles, and created many magical items. Anyone with an arcane mystery would come to him, and often he would point out something obvious they missed. On occasion the investigation would lead him into research few have ever discovered, many strange and unique creatures and spells.


Kalish was fed up with all the elven gods and gods of magic, and were as he respected Realm he felt that his focus was on humans and not warriors of all races. Kalish fought his way to Kibaen and demanded to be the god of the dwarves. Kibaen was impressed with his prowess at arms, and his devotion to his people. Kibaen, however, felt that Kalish lacked the patience to be a true god. He granted his request on the condition that he cannot take an avatar form for 1,000 years. Kalish agreed and began to serve the dwarven people as he felt they deserved. To assist them in various tasks he began possessing constructs, but he held too much power for the constructs to contain. He set his priests on the task of forging the perfect body for him to inhabit. Each divine follower of Kalish considers it an honor to take the pilgrimage to the dwarf homeland and help build the great construct that Kalish will inhabit when he visits the world. Many divine followers are at odds with the church of Kibaen for the extra stipulations placed upon their god. Many refuse to believe the arrangement ever took place, instead believing that their god prefers to inhabit something his people created through their devotion.

  • Berrenar was kalish’s closest advisor. When Kalish ascended he felt he could not serve his people without the assistance of Berrenar.
  • Dugmaren was Kalish’s mentor through out his youth. Instead of letting his father figure die, he allowed him to ascend and become the aspect of history.
  • Dumathion Kalish didn’t like priests of Death messing with dwarven dead. He tasked that job to Dumathion. Since many dwarves are entombed with their riches he has become associated with buried wealth of all kinds. It is believed that Dumathion takes the riches buried with the dwarves and forms new gold or silver veins.
  • Vergadain One aspect of dwarven life that Kalish had little interest in, was their extensive trading practices. Kalish would rather single handedly face a horde of demonic orcs than face one merchant haggling over the price of elven wine. He placed Vergadain in charge of the dwarven trade routes and mercantile guilds. When Kalish ascended Vergadain was offered the opportunity to join him. Vergadain has become the aspect many choose to worship before they negotiate any type of deal.


is the goddess of … pleasure. Of the various pleasures her favorite is the pleasures derived from sex. In fact it is required of her divine followers, that if given the opportunity to have sexual relations with a willing sentient species of the opposite sex you must do so at least once per species. People have different views on the clergy of Kandii. Those area dominated by the priestess of Ariel or the knights of Silv’ight tend to view the clergy of Kandii as a blight on civilization and some places have even gone so far as to outlaw the practice of Kandii worshiping. In other locals the clergy is seen as a beneficial organization that is extremely helpful in relationship counseling. More often her churches become haven for women who have become abused and don’t consider themselves righteous enough for Ariel. Many courtesan are devout followers of Kandii. Many men flock to the religion expecting orgies every night, but most find the work to be less enjoyable than originally believed. Since Kandii despises forced or coerced relationships, many of the men do not cut it in her ranks. Those men that do excel and become true followers of the faith are often rewarded by having a chance to procreate with their goddess. Kandii’s lesser aspects are all her children. Some have gone on to become greater gods themselves, but most stay close to home.

  • Lita is the daughter of a high priest of Kandii. Lita has many interests, some of which are music and dance.
  • Nathaniel is the child of Mercury, the child has caused some contention between Mercury’s wives and Kandii.
  • Niana is the daughter of Balackavarr Blaelocke, she has taken on many of the qualities of her mother.


Kibaen survived the upheaval that slew all the previous gods. He decided that he alone shouldn’t control the peoples fate. For there to be good, there needed to be evil. He allowed others to become gods. Many hate the god, claiming that those drawn to evil would worship devils or demons. But even evil people need a chance to have their souls saved and not devoured. With each new god, Kibaen becomes a little weaker.

  • Greon is believed to have created the world. He definitely forged the first magic weapons. He forged the god Orion and presented him to Kibaen as a display of ultimate craftsmanship.
  • Clydel has always been Kibaen’s protector. The dwarf has considered it an honor to serve at his side.
  • Tarrome is believed to be an actual extension of Kibaen and not a separate being. Tarrome has a book containing everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will.


He is the god of the sea and everyone who takes a voyage that plans to leave the sight of land better pay homage to him before setting sail. He has also been know to set storms against the coastal provinces than do him dishonor. Since he tends to favor ships at sea, it is unknown whether the fledgling airship industry will ultimately pay respects to this god, but many captains aren’t taking any chances and have small shrines commissioned for his worship.

  • Eadro god of Locathahs, & Merfolk
  • Smeuanya god of the Lizardfolk


When Realm slew the Draeden, there was a huge explosion. The Draeden was composed of many huge chunks of a diamond like substance. These pieces ranged in size of a inch in diameter to some believed to be a mile or more in diameter. Needless to say the destruction was intense. Kibaen collected all of the larger pieces, and combined them with a metallic alloy. These “diamonds” and the alloy were compressed into a large size golem. This construct was supposed to be Kibaen’s ultimate warrior, but when the construct woke up, it refused to follow orders, decdied to do his own thing, and was near invincible. Luckily for Kibaen, the construct didn’t seem to want to cause any harm to the multi-verse and on several occasions now has stepped forward to help end threats that the gods themselves would struggle against. Since ‘he’ was supporting the cause ‘his’ invincibility has never been truly tested. No one knows his real motivations since communication with ‘him’ is almost impossible and those that claim to are almost certainly guess at ‘his’ meaning. Several individuals over the years have attempted to worship ‘him’, but none have ever been granted powers. The name Orion was given to him by Kibaen after Mercury tried to dub ‘him’ the Man That Cannot Die.


Realm likes to fight, and more than anything he likes to fight Dae’Urn. Long before he was a god, he lead many forces in defense of his homeland and people. His prized weapon was a 4 bladed battle axe, that could emit a bolt of lightning when it struck a foe. He found the axe when he was young, and still caries it at his side, ready to strike anyone that needs it. He an Dae’Urn went round and round and no clear victor could be established. There were others to fight along the way, drow, winged fold, demons and devils. Eventually Realm was granted godhood and he brought much of his family with him.
The realm of Realm is a fairly pleasant medieval landscape, but without the stench, rot, and decay. Realm resides in the grand castle of Pallanear overlooking the battle side of the city Fallsidar. Fallsidar is extremely large, taking two of more weeks to cross on foot when traveling lengthwise. The city rests in a valley pass, a breach in the gap between the Eternal Battlefield and the Endless Forest. The city often comes under siege on the battle side, but seldom has an army ever reached the gate to Pallanear before being driven back by Realm and his host. Since the city of Fallsidar sits in the breach, many travelers use the city as a means of transport between the two planes, and has grown into a thriving metropolis based on medieval commerce. On the endless side of Fallsidar is the castle Therauck, seat of Realm’s family. His father Aemear, sister Zhanna, and Brother Haldor rule this castle and train replacements for those lost on the battle side of Fallsidar. If Pallanear were to fall, Therauck would be the next line of defense.
There are three major castles within Realm’s province, these castles are recruiting grounds, and places of rest for the battle weary host of Realm. Each of these castles rests upon a floating island, some 300 miles radius. Castle Fandol is ruled by Aemear’s brother Aethelwaerd. Castle Jorken is ruled by Realm’s cousin Seulimon, and the castle Krackow is ruled by Seilimon’s brother Haroon. These castles guard over most of Realm’s domain, for occasionally raiding outsiders assault the land. Aethelwaerd has been heard to preach defense against the other gods of the Endless Forest. The rest of the domain consists of small towns and villages, and quickly fades into the forest.

  • Haldor Brother, classic knight or paladin.
  • Aemaer Father, classic battlemind
  • Zhanna Sister, classic ranger
  • Seulimon Cousin, classic barbarian, uses a large morning-star in combat, lost an eye to Gruumsh, legend has it that Gruumsh keeps it in his lair exposing to horrid displays of evil debauchery, and that Seulimon can still see out of the eye and in fact cannot prevent the visions transmitted through his eye.
  • Haroon Cousin, classic fighter
  • Aethelwaerd Uncle, classic warlord


He is an evil god that revels in conflict and war. He wields one of the darkswords, a key to blocking out the son, which he has already done once. When he combined all nine of the Dark-swords, their combined might was enough to remove the sun from our existence. The havoc and chaos that played upon the world made Dae’Urn very happy, however, there was an unforeseen problem. When the sun was removed, a tower sprung forth from the ground entrapping the great Dae’Urn. He is now trapped upon the mortal plane within his tower. He has done his best to make the tower a fitting home, but his lack of freedom has frustrated him to no end. He has sent his Dark-knights through out the world to try to find a way to free him from the tower. His first belief is that the Dark-swords need to be rediscovered and combined before the tower can be brought down.

  • Allundi
  • Dark’ne
  • Graymuel
  • Kalim
  • Ose’dronnin
  • Tarnakel
  • Salthem


An experiment gone astray. Di’krinn was originally a half-fiend unicorn, augmented by planer magic. He absorbed the life force of the wizards that experimented upon him, and gathered a large following of humanoid creatures to help destroy the ‘normal’ races. He has become a focal point for most aberrant creatures and enjoys causing mayhem and destruction when possible.

  • Grolantar god of hill giants, ettins, and ogres
  • Great Mother god of beholders
  • Laogzed Evil god of troglodytes


An undead horror, is bent upon the destruction of all life. He is the last in a long line of ascended gods who have betrayed their masters. Kavarian expects each and everyone of his lesser aspects to try to destory him and claim his place as god of the undeath. Kavarian has sent swarms of undead throughout the world, each time thwarted by the various heroes of the world. His most notable creation are the Kavarian death temples that are manned by the remains of the winged folk, the remaining eight temples float within the Shadowfell and await their service, when an extraplanar gate will open beneath them allowing their assault upon the prime world.

  • Batru Chaotic Evil Desert Storms, Drought, Strife Khopesh
  • Lannock Evil Hate, Retribution, Vengeance Battleaxe
  • Rattik Chaotic Evil Discord, Pain, Ugliness, Vanity Morningstar
  • Po’Chi Evil Earthquakes, Storms Warhammer


Most people think of the elements as the building blocks of nature, however this god believes in their fundamental ability to destroy. Earthquakes, floods, windstorms and of course, fires. Each of these aspects is what Lacitern revels in, he loves the chaos brought about by the elements. The elemental chaos is where he roams stirring up the forces there and sending them against the world.

  • Ebes Evil Darkness, Poison, Serpents Spear
  • Bilbdoolpoolp god of kuo-toas
  • Kaelthiere Evil Salamanders, Efreet Spear


Goddess of Darkness, Drow, Spiders, & Trickery


Goddess of Evil Dragons, Strife, & Vengeance

  • Falazure Dragon god of Undeath


Evil Run Amok kiban