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This is where the ships landed, Fort Landfall was built here and a temple to Realm was established. Land fall was founded in the the second month of the year 78.

Population: approximately 200. many races are represented here, most abundant are the humans, compromising 70% of the expedition.

Government: Currently commanded by Aeric Rethgar. Next in charge is Thomas Thorndyke, high priest of Realm.

Defense: They have constructed a motte-and-bailey castle. The temple and barracks are housed within the bailey. If assaulted almost everyone has been trained in simple weapons.

Inns/Taverns: there is one inn that also serves beverages of the alcoholic variety. The dwarves have set up a still and sell local moonshine to the inn.

  • Thomas Thorndyke: He has shaggy hair with sideburns, and generally wears robes. When battle seems near at hand he dons his chain-mail and wields a mace and shield. He entered the clergy at a young age, and has served the Holy order of Realm admirably. He is the son of Terrel Thorndyke, third son of Daggorlad Thorndyke.
  • Aeric Rethgar: Captain of the forces at Landfall, he is tall, dark hair, well spoken and stern, however he walks with a limp. When dressed for battle, he wears scale-mail armor, wielding a shield and a battle-axe. He has served many years within the Iron Legion, and is rumored to have ridden on a dragon or two, though never in combat. He has fought in various battles in which one he was wounded by trolls, thus causing him to limp.
  • Holman Tealeaf, halfling slinger, mercenary. Will hire out for 1 share.
  • Glordaer, elf scout, mercenary. Will hire out for 2 share.
  • Victor, warforged soldier, mercenary, may have had memory erased by a wizard previous to his arrival in Landfall. Will hire out for 1 share.
  • Lorin Highstaff, human mage, mercenary. Will hire out for 1 share.

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