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Adjustment to a basic premise about characters
All characters are magic users, whether your powers are Arcane, Divine, Martial or Primal. Magic drives most if not all powers. Regardless of flavor text, when a power allows you to do things that would be impossible, then magic is what is behind the power.

Adjustments to the species:

  • Deva: are born with celestial traits, as some one up the family tree was an angel or god. Deva traits override the original species, so a Deva human has none of the human racial qualities and just the deva racial qualities
  • Dragonborn: are born with draconic traits, as some one up the family tree was a dragon. Dragonborn traits override the original species, so a dragonborn elf has none of the elven racial qualities and just the dragonborn racial qualities
  • Genasi: when Tharizdun transported parts of the world to the elemental planes, the people who were also transported became the Genasi.
  • Shardmind: the cracks in the dimension of nightmares caused various new creatures to be born, and various existing creatures were altered, whether the Shardmind are a new race or altered older race is unknown, but they seem to be here to stay.
  • Tiefling: are born with fiendish traits, as some one up the family tree was a devil or demon. Tiefling traits override the original species, so a tiefling half-orc has none of the half-orc racial qualities and just the tiefling racial qualities
  • Wilden: when the druid’s ritual went awry the Wilden were an unexpected result. Some druids considered them abominations, but most revere the Wilden as a prime example of a natural species.

Adjustments to the Arcana Skill:
Sense the Presence of Magic: 1 minute. ✦ DC: DC 20. This may alert anyone in range that is trained in Arcana.
Identifying Properties of a Magic Item: 5 minutes. ✦ DC: DC 20 + 1/2 level of the magic item. Success reveals all the properties of the item except for artifacts and possibly some cursed items. Failure means you have to wait until after an extended rest to try again.

Adjustment to death and dying
To actually die, you must both fail 3 Death saves, and have your hit points reach your bloodied value expressed as a negative number. If one condition or the other has been met, you cannot be treated with the heal skill, or spend a healing surge when you make a DC 20 death save. You may only be healed by magical healing. You will also suffer the death penalty associated with the raise dead ritual. Also each time the raise dead ritual is performed, you are marked by Death. A divine follower of Death would receive a bonus to hit and damage equal to the amount you are marked by Death.

Adjustments to Ritual Casting:
Most ritual books are loose pages with a binding tied around the book to keep the pages within from flying away. Once a ritual book is as complete as the owner wants, then it is permanently bound.

  • Caster level: If a caster can forge a ley line to certain locations they can increase their effective caster level for purposes of determining highest level ritual that can be cast. Arcane, Divine and Primal each have their own sources.
  • Enchant Magic Item: teaches you the formula for creating common magic items. Magic items from other sources have to be mastered separately. Each new magic item takes up a number of pages equal to its level divided by ten. A level 14 item would take 1.4 pages. Aside from the blank pages, it costs nothing to master additional items.
    • If you have access to a ritual book with a new item, you may learn it automatically after an extended rest. You may only learn one new item per extended rest
    • Disenchanting an item also allows you to master the item automatically, as long as the formula is transcribed within 24 hours of disenchantment.

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