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There are 23 moons that orbit the world, these moons each represent a different god or goddess. Each full moon is a religious day for the deity in question. Each lesser aspect is a small satellite that orbits the moon of the deity they serve, most of the lesser aspects are not visible to the naked eye as they are overshadowed by the deity itself.

The Good Deities of Terra
Diety Alignment Portfolio Weapon of Choice
Archer Good Archers, Change, Freedom, Luck, Travel Greatbow
* Maxlim Unaligned Commerce, Journey, Merchants Morningstar
* Lupo Good Endurance, Fitness, Women Quarterstaff
Ariel Lawful Good Love, Peace, Motherhood Mace
* Aliene Lawful Good Protection Longsword
* Elishar Good Light, Hope Scimitar
* Hiatea Good Female Giants Spear
Bahamut Lawful Good Good dragons, Justice, Honor, Nobility, Protection, Wind Breath Weapon
* Asterinian Good Messages Breath Weapon
Kyle Good Drunkenness, Strength Bastard Sword
* Dangrin Good Brawling, Dueling, Sports Club
Mercury Good Magic, Pranks Rapier
* Batriel Unaligned Learning, Planning Dagger
Ober'est Good Elves, Knowledge Longsword
* Galdreal Unaligned Wilderness Longbow
* Relieshales Unaligned Rivers Rapier
* Savron Good Elven Magic Longsword
* Deep Sashelas Good Aquatic Elves Trident
Silv'ight Lawful Good Chivalry, Honor, Passion, Valor Spiked chain
The Unaligned Deities of Terra
Diety Alignment Portfolio Weapon of Choice
Dalamar Unaligned Darkness, Drow, Magic Falchion
* Dirinka Unaligned Derro War Pick
* Laduguer Unaligned Duergar Warhammer
Death Unaligned Death, Fate Scythe
Farathon Unaligned Intrigue, Mystery Dagger
* Salice Unaligned Secrets, Underworld Kukri
* Moragin Unaligned Illusion, Trickery, Watchfulness Dagger
* Fak’Nul Unaligned Arcane, Common Sense, Knowledge Katar
Kalish Unaligned Construction, Dwarves, Protection Waraxe
* Berranar Good Safety, Truth Craghammer
* Dugmaren Lawful Good Scholarship, Discover, Invention Handaxe
* Dumathion Unaligned Buried Wealth, Dwarven Dead, Mining War pick
* Vergadain Good Luck, Negotiation, Trade Warhammer
Kandii Unaligned Beauty, Pleasure Whip
* Lita Unaligned Dance, Music, Revelry, Wine Short sword
* Nathaniel Good Knowledge, Wisdom Club
* Niana Unaligned Daring, Swiftness Dagger
Kibaen Unaligned Everything Else Short sword
* Greon Good Creation, Invention, Smithing Repeating Crossbow
* Clydel Unaligned Protection, Strategy, Tactics Warhammer
* Tarrome Unaligned Foresight, Prophecy, Truth Mace
Mordi'ki Unaligned Sea, Travel Tratnyr
* Eadro Unaligned Locathahs, Merfolk Spear
* Smeuanya Unaligned Lizardfolk Greatclub
Orion Unaligned * Greatsword
Realm Unaligned Conflict, Daring, Justice, Strategy, Storms, War Execution axe
* Haldor Lawful Good Chivalry, Honor, Nobility, Valor Bastard sword
* Aemaer Good Discipline, Honesty, Judgement, Truth Greatsword
* Zhanna Unaligned Adventure, Exploration, Luck Longbow
* Seulimon Good Courage, Passion, Zeal Morningstar
* Haroon Unaligned Tactics, Strategy, Watchfulness Broadsword
* Aethelwaerd Unaligned Justice, Protection Battleaxe
The Evil Deities of Terra
Diety Alignment Portfolio Weapon of Choice
Dae'Urn Evil Conflict, Slaughter, Tyranny, War Fullblade
* Allundi Chaotic Evil Conquest, Massacres, Suffering Spiked Chain
* Dark’ne Chaotic Evil Hate, Rage, Winter Halberd
* Graymuel Evil Death, Murder, Prophecy Battleaxe
* Kalim Evil Power, Domination, Tyranny Spiked gauntlet
* Ose’dronnin Chaotic Evil Oozes, Malice, Caves Heavy Flail
* Tarnakel Evil Intrigue, Mystery Dagger
* Salthem Evil Killing, Victory Morningstar
Di’Krinn Evil Aberrations, Beasts Triple-headed Flail
* Grolantar Evil Hill giants, Ettins, Ogres Greataxe
* Great Mother Evil Beholders Eye beam
* Laogzed Evil Troglodytes Spear
Gruumsh Chaotic Evil Orcs, Territory, War Greatspear
* Kurtulmak Evil Kobolds, Traps Battleaxe
* Maglubiyet Evil Goblins, Hobgoblins Battleaxe
* Hruggek Evil Bugbears Morningstar
Kavarian Chaotic Evil Disease, Rot, Undeath Sickle
* Batru Chaotic Evil Desert Storms, Drought, Strife Khopesh
* Lannock Evil Hate, Retribution, Vengeance Battleaxe
* Rattik Chaotic Evil Discord, Pain, Ugliness, Vanity Morningstar
* Po’Chi Evil Earthquakes, Storms Warhammer
Lacitern Evil Elements, Natural Disasters Dagger
* Ebes Evil Darkness, Poison, Serpents Spear
* Bilbdoolpoolp Evil Kuo-toas Pincer Staff
* Kaelthiere Evil Salamanders, Efreet Spear
Lolth Chaotic Evil Darkness, Drow, Spiders, Trickery Scourge
Tiamat Evil Evil Dragons, Strife, Vengeance Breath Weapon
* Falazure Chaotic Evil Undeath Breath Weapon

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