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This town has a moderate port, and has made a decent living off its trading industry. Most trade seems to flow southward though.

Population: approximately 550 most abundant are the humans, compromising 90% of the population, amongst the other 10% are dragonborn, dwarves, half-elves and half-orcs.

Government: Elected mayor, currently Quinn Nanith

Defense: the town is roughly 1200 ft * 750 ft, has a 15 ft high wall, with watch posts every 300ft. The land is kept cleared out to 300 ft from the wall. There are a total of 200 crossbowmen, 10 town guard, and up to and additional 150 militia in times of trouble.

Inn - The Knight (nice establishment, single rooms 5sp per night)
Tavern - The Seacow
Tavern - The Dragon
Merchant House - Hemglar clan trading, Kondan Hemglar clan leader, interested in higher end products such as art, jewels, magic items, and silks.

Notable NPC list

Emeranth Sayer: eldrin sage, with green eyes and long brown hair. Knows the enchant item ritual, charges 100 gp per day for research in his library (the 100 gp charge will go towards any rituals actually purchased). His tower is 30 feet in diameter.
Jerek of River Oaks: human lives 20 miles south of River oaks.
Jangi Blackstream: halfling, lives 10 miles southeast of River oaks, recently his cousin, Wayan Blackstream was rescued by the Hand of Finnely from the clutches of Morgana priestess of Dae’Urn.
Mirriana Sayer: eldrin, wife of Emeranth, long black hair, striking blue eyes.
Oranth Petyr: high priest of death.
Quinn Nanith: Mayor of River Oaks, 6’2" with shaved bald, has a black mustache and goatee. Mayor’s home 40 × 40 with a wall, has a few guards posted for privacy. Willing to consider trade agreement with Landfall.

Bounties / Rewards:

  • Wanted brown wyrmling dragon slain for eating local livestock, see Karrie Buttonquail for details.
  • Wanted wyvern heads, 150 gp each..
  • Torak Banehammer is searching for a lost relic sacred to his faith, the Hammer of Ivak and offers up his own magical hammer, a +1 thundering warhammer to any hero who can wield it.
  • Wanted, returned tools stolen by kobolds, see Thorgrim Spinehammer in the hills south of River Oaks.
  • Rumors: Jarek of River Oaks believes there are some drakes in the hills that dissolve into residium when they die.
  • Rumors: The Ghost Tower has been opened again and the lights have begun to twinkle. Undead roam the swamp capturing wayward travelers and imprisoning them within the tower.
  • competeing adventuring companies: The Company of the White Basilisk an adventuring company consisting of Jost Chyrhilli, Cleric of Archer, Ghaef Laoger Fighter, Khuagnuro Moehi Wizard, Bienu Frouj Sorcerer. They named themselves after defeating a basilisk by turning it to stone.

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