Evil Run Amok

Berwyn 2, Start of Spring

The characters arrived at Landfall on the first day of spring. They discovered the small community was run by a member of the Iron Legion named Aeric Rethgar. They introduced themselves and explained that they were chartered to explore the area and determine if there were any locals that would be willing allies. Aeric explained that there has been nothing but bandits and bullywugs combing the countryside, but if they wanted they could head in the direction of some towns that used to exist. If trade could be established Landfall would have a chance of success.

The characters set off south along the coast, they found some abandoned villages. Some were destroyed by weather and tides, others seemed to just be abandoned ghost towns. Thanks to the various full moons, the half-elf and tiefling were able to follow some tracks at night that lead to a small hovel were some bandits were held up. After a small skirmish the bandits were defeated and one taken capture. After a bit of intimidation the prisoner passed out.

more to come …


While the iron is hot is when one builds a stable of united cut throats and road agents, that’s how the most powerful guilds are formed. Soon they will rely on our knives and pay boon for safe passage. Solders can police mercenaries and thugs, but thieves are best at policing themselves. For a price.

Blair Blaeloke

Berwyn 2, Start of Spring

I would attest for the record at this time that I in no way – despite pressures of my companions or reports to the contrary – ever ate the flesh of our dispatched foes. Blaeloke is a sagacious and lighthearted fellow even in the worst of circumstances (such as most of a fortnight leaned over a railing of an unsteady sea craft, disgorging one’s previous meals); but he is also, doubtlessly, a RAGING nut bag! And though I find the stoicism of our sorcerer, Mr. Tomb, refreshing, he does little to assuage him. I fear, as with my former retinue, I may have to be the voice of reason in the troupe… Gods help us.

Berwyn 2, Start of Spring

The eating of human flesh is a good way to make a lasting impression. We are looking for influence through fear, because promises of better wages don’t work on a murderous cut throat. If theirs one thing my Demonic ancestors taught me is that taking a bite out of a dead guy is far more merciful than eating a live one. Just saying, truly evil beasties would call me a poof.

After a 10 pints of dwarvin stout,
Blair Blaelocke

Berwyn 2, Start of Spring

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