Evil Run Amok

Berwyn, 3rd~6th

After piling the dead in the back room, the party got a restful nights sleep. The next morning the adventurers released their prisoner and continued on their journey seeking civilization. They finally encountered some villages that were not abandoned. It appears the closer they get to River Oaks the more secure people felt. They also discovered that most of the bandits they would encounter would be conscripted from the local villages. From some information gathered it appears the yellow skull bandits tend to operate up north instead of down south.

They made it to River Oaks just after nightfall and were locked out by the town gates. They stayed in a small makeshift inn that catered to those that come in late. Their sleep was interrupted as they maintained separate watches in the small hovel.

Once the gates opened In the morning they made arrangements to meet with the mayor and the Hemglar clan trading company. The meeting with the mayor went well, as they discussed the possibilities of trade with Landfall, and discussed the complications of the banditry in the area. Matrom tried to work some deals with the local dwarven community, but with no real results. The party decided to take up a couple of local bounties and see if they could make a reputation for themselves.

They spent most of the afternoon and evening looking into the brothers Gray, a small bandit group beginning to make a name for itself. Blair felt that he got accurate directions to their last known hide out, which is an abandoned mineshaft about a days travel outside the River Oaks normal patrols. They also checked on some abductions hoping the bandits were behind that so they could kill two birds with one stone.

As they settled into their inn for the night, they received a letter from Kondan Hemglar explaining what kind of trade he was interested in, and provided a list of merchants that may be better for the transactions they had discussed with his subordinates earlier during the day.

They got a decent nights sleep in the one private room they rented and left in the morning to seek fame and fortune. Traveling at a fast pace they came upon the Blackstream community were the abductions took place. There the local leader, named Jangi explained his family members were recently taken by a couple of small blue devils and a one armed gnoll. The gnoll had a symbol for Dae’Urn and may be associated with a cousin who several months ago declared her allegiance to the dark god and swore vengeance upon the Blackstream family.

Jangi provided some vague directions to where he believes the gnoll and his cousin may held up, but since the directions weren’t as precise as the directions to the Gray brothers they decide to tackle the brothers first, then continue south to deal with the cultists. They travelled directly to the hide out of the Gray brothers were they flushed out several if not all the bandits at the mineshaft. After leading the bandits on a wild goose chase, they defeated several human lackeys and a couple of halfling slingers. They acquired a couple of mounts and plan to recover anything left behind at the mineshaft.


The Hand of Finnely shall find a plot that shapes our network of force and fear. Death shall be our spokesman, and war shall be our fist. One throat at a time we shall linger within the minds and nightmares to follow. Come for us now while we are flesh, for one day we will be as ghosts lurking in the darkness.

Guild Motto

Berwyn, 3rd~6th

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