Evil Run Amok

Berwyn, 7th, evening

The Hand of Finnely discussed some of the finer points of possibily gathering some kobolds and have them serve as minions in their inevitable armies, and were discussing the merits of having the kobolds serve the mythical forest dragon. But there was concern for the abducted halflings and any kobold roundup would need to wait.

Zapp’tamm chose to remain with the homestead in case the kobolds returned before the family could benefit from all the healing provided by Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew. So the rest of the Hand continued onward seeking the temple of Dae’Urn. After a couple of trails were followed to dead ends and since it already getting dark, being the only one present with out low-light vision, Matrom Tomb chose to remain with the horses while Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew went exploring caves.

Luck would have it that the first cave they explored alone had the little blue devils that were described in the abductions of the halfling family. From behind arrow slits the little blue creatures struck at their minds and caused great confusion, but even through their minds felt like they were filled with a honey like substance that bled from their nose, they were able to convince the one armed gnoll to allow them entrance. The other enemies however turned out to be constructs that continued to fight.

Of great concern was the animated crossbow, as it hopped up and down on it’s four legs it blasted into Blair Blaelocke and Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew forcing them to call upon their inner reserves to withstand the crossbows devastation. Luckily due to everyone being crowded into a small hallway the crossbow struck the gnoll who in a fit of anger finished it off. As the gnoll tried to seek his superiors so the flying blue constructs could be commanded to stand down, the party decided to strike. The gnoll was severally confused but charged Blair Blaelocke. The fight was intense but they brought down the gnoll.

Before heading back to retrieve Matrom Tomb they chose to search the area. They found that the gnoll had a passion for collecting hands and severed arms, several weapons had been tied to these arms which had been mounted along the hallway. Blair Blaelocke discovered that one of the swords was in fact magical. However, Blair Blaelocke was unable to identify the properties of the sword. Regardless he has chosen to use the weapon. They could hear chanting devoted to Dae’Urn from across a small chasm. Since tonight the goddess Ariel was a full moon, it made sense that followers of Dae’Urn may take this time to sacrifice someone good in order to tarnish her brightness.

The chasm is approximately thirty to forty feet deep covered in a large mushroom patch, some as high as ten feet, and extending across the chasm was a fifty foot rope bridge. As they listened to the chanting coming from the other side, they pondered their actions. Did they have time to get Matrom Tomb, could they handle this as a pair, what if they tried and had to run away, could they get across the rope bridge quickly and cut it down to trap them. These things will be decided next time.



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