Evil Run Amok

Enter Eglath, Berwyn 7th-11th


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Blair Blaelocke & Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew returned for Matrom Tomb expecting the temple to be too much for the two of them. Besides the chanting hasn’t stopped for several minutes, they should have time to run outside and grab their companion. Outside was one of the largest people they had seen. Eglath, a goliath in hide armor and wielding a great axe, he was explaining he was going to sell their horses. After a brief parley, they agreed to give him some scale armor in exchange for standing on the front line. Eglath agreed and wanted to clarify who made him feel better and who did the magic like the gnome. He also explained if a blue dragon ate the rest of the party, he would run just like he did with his previous companions. Everyone agreed with this plan.

Eglath donned the ill fitting scale armor and they proceeded back into the cave were the temple to Dae’Urn is located. They were debating their strategy when the chanting stopped and the screaming began. They started across the rope bridge that crossed the fungal cavern. about half way over temple began to glow and some of the flying blue “demons” appeared along with a stone construct that tore itself free of the wall. This must of alerted the cultists within as one came out and demanded that they leave or be destroyed by the power of Dae’Urn.

Eglath moved forward and charged the cultist and immediately slew the evil doer. Eglath called out, ’that’s one’ and to Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew’s chagrin realized that the goliath definitely intended to keep track of those he killed. Will this be a good thing, or a bad thing, only time will tell.

Four cultists exited the temple before those remaining inside closed the door. The flying blue demons hovered over the pits, while the spiky stone construct began pounding into the goliath. The cultists were picked off one by one with relative ease. After the construct was destroyed, Eglath chose to attack the ‘demons’ hovering above the pit, and jumped to strike one. He managed to slice it in half but fall into the mushroom filled pit. The extremely large mushrooms did break his fall somewhat, but he was not expecting to see the myconoids. They surouned him and took an aggressive stance but did not attack. After Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew lowered a rope Eglath slowly retreated and climbed back to the upper ridge.

After killing the last ‘demon’, they entered the temple proper. A smoke trap went off, causing some mild discomfort to the party. Eglath forced his way in, grabbed a halfling being tortured and backed out of the room. They proceeded to kill the cultists as quickly as they could, but they ran into trouble with some of the halflings that were not so lucky to be saved. Their heads had been removed and replaced with hyena skulls. This gave Morgana and opportunity to escape. She ran up the stairs carrying a glowing blue geode.

The heroes finished off the devil / undead halflings and proceeded to chase the halfling. The first room they came too had a pile of coins spread on the floor, and this caused everyone to have discomfort. There were also two exits that the high priestess could have taken her egress. [[;blair]]’s curiosity required him to check out the pile of coins, and cautiously, prepared for an attack his sifted through the coins and searched the alcove they were scattered in. Tabrian “Tab” MountainDew searched the door to the left and found a small garden of herbs and plants that could be used in alchemical formulas. Eglath entered a room filled with small size furniture. Disgruntled by being in a dolls room, he almost missed the sounds that indicated what happened to Morgana.

Obviously she managed to hide behind a secret door, Eglath began attacking the wall where he thought he heard noises on the other side. The rest of the party tried to determine where the door was before Eglath destroyed his axe against the stone wall, but luck would have it, he began tearing into wood and soon had destroyed the hidden door. They rushed on attempting to catch up to the little priestess. Unfortunately she had taken a ride down a mine cart, giving here a great head start.

Once they got to the bottom of the mine track and discovered he sled she used to escape, they redoubled their efforts to find her, and after running through some winding passages they managed to find an exit and see her just at the edge of their vision. One well placed projectile and down she went. Immediately the goliath and the half-elf began debating whether the goliath got full credit for a kill if he was healed during the fight and if there was assistance in slaying the enemy.

They gathered the equipment, the one surviving halfling and released a human prisoner that fled into the night refusing to remain there any longer. They slept the rest of the night, and in the morning they returned to the farm were Zapp’tamm was collected and the farmers where wished well. Matrom Tomb & Blair Blaelocke explained to the goliath that they are the Hand of Finnely and not to bother with who Finelly is since as the newest member of the party he doesn’t have that privilege yet. They then returned to the Blackstream community where they returned the halfling. Jangi was sad to hear about his other cousins, but has so far honored his commitment. He has agreed to cover 25% of the cost on 2 common magic items that their local druid can create (5th level).

They then returned to River Oaks to turn in the bounty on the halfling bandits, and sell their nice pile of loot. They gathered a decent some of money and are now in a decent sized town and able to take advantage of such funds. It is the morning of the 11th, and they are in a meeting with the mayor, Quinn Nanith, they have just collected 150 gp for the 3 brothers that they brought to justice.


There is a plot on the map between the abandoned mine and a huge lake that connects to two rivers. One could argue this a prime spot for a city state. We could call it Finnely’s Port, or Blaelocke Vale, maybe even New Andar! What is important is that the Hand of Finnely be known through out this land as the peoples champions so they will flock to us, so we can exploit them.

Enter Eglath, Berwyn 7th-11th

I say we see what the southern province of Oretown looks like. Seems like they have the same idea I have. I wander haw many throats will secure their allegiance? I mean good deeds. Not at all what I mean. Out loud voice? DAMN!

Enter Eglath, Berwyn 7th-11th

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